Annals of the Rheumatic disease
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseasees
PIDJ- PEdiatric Infectious Disease Journal
parasite & Vectors
New Microbes& New Infectious
Microbiology Spectrum
Malaria Journal
Journal ofMicrobial & Biochemical technology-OPen Access
Journal of Virology
JMBE-Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education
JIDC- Journal of Infection in Developing Countries
JID-Journal of Infectious Diseases
JCM-Journal of Clinical Microbiology
JB-Journal of Bacteriology
JAC-Journal of Antimicrobial chemotherapy
IJID-International Journal of Infectious Diseases -OOpen acceess
Infection Disease of poverty
Infection & Drug Resistance
-Infection & Immunity
HIV Medicine
European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
EID- Emerging Infectious Disease
CMR- Clinical Microbiology Reviews
CMI-Clinical Microbiology& Infection
CID-Clinical Infectious Diseases
Antimicrobial Resistance& Infection Control
ACMA-Annals of Clinical Microbiology& Antimicrobials
AAC-Antimicrobial Agents &Chemotherapy
Molecular Medicine
JMD- Journal of Molecular Diagnostics
International Journal of Molecular Medicine
The Scientist
Science Translational Medicine
Science American
Science Advance
science Daily
PNAS-Proceedinggs of national Academy of sciences
PLOS Biology
eLife Sciences-OPen access
Practical Laboratory Medicine – Open Access
Pathology &LAbratory MEdicine International
MLO- Medical LAb Observer
Medical Lab MAnagement Magazine
Laboratory EQUIPMENT
LAb Medica
LAb manager magazine
LAB- German Medical scence -GMS
Journal of Clinical Pathology
JCAP- Journal of Clinical & Anatomic pathology
Clinical Laboratory News
BMC Clinical Patholy
APLM- Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
AJCP-American Journal of Clinical pathology
AJBM-American Journal of Biomedicine
The Hematologist -ASH News & Reports
Transfusion NEWs
International Journal of Clinical tranfusion Medicine
IJLH- International Journal of Laboratory Hematology
JNCI- Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Hereditary Canser in Clinical Practice
CA- A Cancer Journal for Cliicians
British Journal of Haematology
The Journal of Orology
PLOS Medicine
NEJM- New England Journal of medicine
JCI- Journal of Clinical Investigation
JAMA-journal of the American Medical Association
ERJ-European Respiratory Journal
CMAJ-Canadian Medical Association Journal
BMJ- British Medical Journal
Archives of Internal Medicine
Annals of Internal Medicine
AFP-American Family Physician
PCD- Preventing chronic Disease journal
MMWR-Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report
Englemed Health NEWs
Recent Progress in Hormone Research
Molecular Endocrinology
JIFCC- Journal of International Federation of Clinical Chemistry& Laboratory Medicine
JCEM Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism
IFCC Annual Reports
Hormones &canser
Endocrine Reviews
Diabetes care
Current Biomarker findings
CCLM-Clinical Chemistry& Laboratory Medicine
Clinical Chemistry
AJCN-American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
ACB News
The Journal of rheumatology
Journal of Immunology
CVI- Clinical & Vaccine Immunology
Arthrithis & Rheumatology
Allergy,Asthma &Clinical Immunology
Journal of Reprodution & Infertility
Iranian Journal of Parasitology
Iranian Journal of Microbiology
International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
IJKD-Iranian Journal of Kidney diseases
Hepatitis Monthly
AAI-American Association of Immulogists
ACR- American College of Rheumatology
AMILI-Associatin of Medical Laboratory Immunologists
AST-American Society for Transplantation
EAACI- European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
EULAR-European League Against Rheumatism
IDF-Immune Deficiency Foundation
AACB-Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists
AACC-American Asoociation for Clinical Chemistry
AACE- American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
ACB- Association for Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine
ADA- American Diabetes Association
Mycology Online
Microbiology Society
Microbiology World
Infection Control Tips
IDSA-Infectious Diseases Society of America
Global Biodefence
Evidence- Based Tuberculosis Diagnosis
EUCAST-European Committee on Anti microbial Susceptibility Testing
ESCMID-European Society of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
EUCAST- European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
ECCMID- European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
DSMZ-German Collection of Microorganisms & Cell Culture
DPDx-CDC Parasitology Diagnostic Web Site
CDC-Malaria Maps
CCm-Canadian College of Microbiologists
OCM-Canadian College of Microbiologists
BIA-British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
ATCC- American Type Culture Collection
ASM- The American Society for Microbiology
NCBI-National Centre for Biotechnology Information
GenBank Home
FMF- Fetal Medicine Foundation
CDC – Public Health Genomics
Generic Home Refrence -ypur guide to understanding genetic conditions
BLAST- The basic Local Alignment Search Tool
ASHG- American Society of Human Genetics
Association of Genetic Technologists
ACMG-American College of Medical Genetic Technologist
POLQM-Program Office for LAboratory Quality Management
ISO-International Organization for Standardization
ILAC- International LAboratory Accreditation Cooperation
IAF- International Accreditation forum
COLA-Clinical Laboratoey education, consultation,CLIA accreditation,
CLIA-Clinical Laboratory Improvment Amedments
ASQ-American Society for Quality
SLAS-Society for LAboratory Automation & Screening
NAACLS-National Accerditing Agency for Clinical LAboratory Sciences
Mayo Medical Laboratories
LTO-Lab Tests Online
Labroots -A Scientific Social Networking Website
DARK Daily LAboratory & Pathology News
CSMLS-Canadian Society for Medical LAboratory Science
CLSI-Clinical Laboratory & Standards Institute
CLMA-Clinical LAboratory Management Association
CLI-Clinical LAboratory International
CAP-College of American PAthologists
CDC-LAboratory Health Information Technology Team
ASCP-American Society for Clinical PAthologyClinical
ALCLS- American Society for Clinical LAboratory Science
ASCT-American Society for Cytotechnology
AMT- American Medical Technologists
ADVANCE for Medical Laboratory Professionals
AAAS-American Association for The Advancement of science
EurekAlert-Science News
NCCN-National Comprehensive Canser Network
National Canser Institute
ISH-The International Society of hematology
CDC-Canser Prevention & Control
Blood & Transplant -NHS
BSH- British Society for hematology
ASH- American Society of Hematology
ACS-American Canser Society
AABB-American Asoociation of Blood Banks
European Medicine Agency
American Academy of Family Physicians
WHO- World Health Organization
UPSTF-U.S Preventive Services Task Force
TDR(WHO)-The Special Programme for Research & Training in Tropical Disease
SHEA- Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America
OSHA- Occupational Safety & Health Administration
NIOSH- National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health Administration
NIH-National Institutes of Health
HPA-Health Protection Agency
GAR- WHO Global Alert & Response
ECDC-European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control
CDC-Vital Signs
CDC-Centers for Disease Control& Prevention
CDC- BMI-Body MAss Index Calculator
CDC-ACIP Vaccone Recommendations
APHL-Association of Public Health Laboratories
NACB-National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry
IFCC-International Federation of Clinical Chemistry & LAboratory Medicine Worldwilde
IFBLS- International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science
IDF-International Diabetes Federation
Endocrine Society
EFCC-European Federation of Clinical Chemistry & Laboratory Medicine
CSCC-Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists
Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists
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